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Natural Stone Flooring

A range of Natural Stone Flooring suitable for interior use.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock because it is geologically formed. It is composed largely of minerals formed from marine sediments. Our natural limestone makes a great stone flooring because it is inherently hardy. Our limestone can be extensively used for floors and walls. When deciding upon limestone flooring, there are various things to consider such as colour, finish and tile size.
Traditional setting for natural stone flooring

We offer a wide choice of colours, from creams and beiges. These colours tend to be more commonplace to darker limestones alsolighter colours are becoming more popular. Careful thought needs to be given to the final style you are trying to achieve.

Limestone flooring can be described simply in two key interior styles:-

  • honed and square edged for a clean, contemporary look,
  • or tumbled for a more traditional feel.

Increasingly customers choosing limestone flooring are seeking larger-format tiles and differing random lengths. Using these tiles will produce a stunning effect so you will get the home you desire.