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New Yorkstone Paving

Specially prepared New Yorkstone Paving to meet your exact requirements.

Available from stock, our Riven York Stone paving is a natural UK Sourced product. It has an exceptional aesthetic appearance and weathering properties, making it suitable for restoration projects, new build private houses, office developments and landscaping works for all types of customers. As the most commonly used stone paving in mainland Britain, our legendary ‘York’ stone, is hewn from the quarries of Northern England and has been used to pave the streets of London, along with most other major towns in the country, up until the last century.

All our riven flags are made in the traditional way with hand cut edges and can be supplied with either a self-faced smooth finish or a pure riven surface. The flags are supplied in random rectangular sizes or 600mm wide by random lengths. Other sizes can be produced to order.

Diamond Sawn York Paving is normally produced in widths of 300, 450 and 600mm and in random lengths, although all sizes are available to order. Thicknesses are typically 50 mm or 75 mm.  As with all natural materials, variations in colour will occur typically ranging from buff to blue/grey depending on the bed of stone being worked – but should be regarded as part of the charm of natural Yorkshire Stone.

Through our in house masonry team, we can provide our customers with more complex bespoke paved solutions such as Steps, Risers, and Radius details.