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Cotswold Stone Slates

Buildscape will provide you with a range of both natural Cotswold Stone Slates and reconstituted stone slates.

The Natural Cotswold Stone Slates are supplied in Standard Pallets. This standard pallet covers an area of 7 meters square. Each Pallet contains approximately 330 slates. The sizes range between 6 – 12 inches,  65 slates of 13 – 17 inches, and 25 slates 18 inch slates.

Cotswold stone slates vary in thickness. However our slates are highly regarded because they are relatively flat and easy to lay.

When you need something a bit different we will provide you with specific lengths of slates, to fit a batten gauge.

We have an extensive range of Reconstituted Stone Slates which are a cost effective alternative to natural stone slates.  These slates are ideal for use in locations outside of conservation areas so that you can have a traditional stone slate look. The tones and and finish of these slates are designed to replicate a traditional weathered slate roof.

Buildscape will supply you with samples and offer advice on any new build, extension or restoration project. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular requirements.